Copying DVD's



Hello, I’m new, experienced in computers but a rookie at DVD recording.

Does anyone know if I can copy movie DVD’s using Convertxtodvd?

Roberto Boulder


Not as far as I know. It’s a [I]conversion[/I] program. Try DVDShrink or WinAVI DVD Copy or any one of a dozen other [I]ripping[/I] programs. If you have problems with copy protection try using Slysoft’s AnyDVD, which runs in the system tray as you run your ripping program of choice and strips most protection.


Have used them all and if your new at it clonedvd and anydvd from slysoft is what I would tell anyone to use if they are new at it or if they want ones that work great and simple to use. They have a trial period and these are the only two programs I have purchased in years they are worth the money you pay for them. A little looking here on the site and I think you can get the info on how to get a discount on them since you are a member of this forum. download them and try them for the free period.


Idon’t know very much about Convertxtodvd.But i can say it’s for conversion.
And i agree with d_dog.You can try WinAVI DVD Copy,or others.The WinAVI is use friendly,it’s good for rookie.