Copying DVD's

Sorry about the naivety of the question… but I have searched but it just leads me around in a very large circle, too much info, can’t see the forrest through the trees, yadda yadda yadda

Anyways, how DO you make a copy of a DVD? I have DVDIdle Pro and the propaganda says it will make copys oy all DVD’s region protected or not etc etc.

So how do I do that? I do not see any options/commands/buttons/menus etc which would lead me to the answer.

I was also thinking of purchasing UltraDVD and DVDFab Plat

Thanks in advance.

You should try using freewareware programs (like dvdshrink and dvddecryptor) before you go and buy UltraDVD and DVDFab Plat. I only use dvd shrink and dvd decryptor and ive never had any problems other than dvd shrink having data cylindrical check errors. I have been able to copy every movie i tried to with both of those programs.

Don’t put much faith in propaganda, read the forums, especially the active ones that have a siliar topic line as yours and see what other users rely on to copy thier dvd’s.

Like Jordan said, dvdshrink and dvddecrypter are excellent free tools before you spend a dime on packaged software.

Use the free tools and see how that goes for you, then upgrade to a pay package as you learn what features “if any” you need that those two don’t have, and you’ll be good to go.

Good Luck and happy burning…:slight_smile:

GFH, ZigZagMan is right, I just want to throw in that DVDD hasn’t been updated for approximately a year now due to legal issues which caused the Arthor of it to cease development. DVDfab Decrypter is right up to current with all protection schemes and is a one click deal. Then you can use DVDS to shrink it down and try using IMGBurn to burn it to your blank media. . This burn only program has oogles of great features and is Arthored by the same person who created DVDD. It is also fully supported.

Hope this helps you out with more successful backups… :slight_smile:

@ZigZagMan, nice ava man, reminds me of my younger years… :wink:

i’m a newbie and have what is probably a naive question too! I have a 2004 sony laptop with built in dvd r/rw , i use limewire to download all my music for my i-pod, but want to now download some films , then copy them to dvd. How do u go about this and do i need any additional software( i see dvd shrink mentioned fequently) , any advice would be very appreciated,cheers.

Thanks Guys,

I do have DVDDecrypter, (as well as a bunch of other stuff).

I guess my dilemia is that I don’t have the time to devote to reading every bit of info on converting/decrypting, IFO files, VOB files etc etc. and figuring out what it all means.

I am somewhat confused as to the relationship of all the steps required to copy a DVD.

I understand the need to decrypt/remove copy protection prior to copying. Since I have DVDIdle PRO (needed it to play DVD from other regions on my computer as I travel a whole bunch) I have the ability supposedly (so their propganda says) to copy DVD’s. But my question is still HOW?

What does DVDDecrpt do? What does DVD shrink do what does DVDDecrypter files?

Don’t needed a detailed explanation like ABC will remove copy protection and makes a file you then burn to DVD with XYZ.

As I said I wish I had the time to sit and figure this all out, but 3 kids in hockey, house renos underway, travel doesn’t leave me any time to play. I just want to take my DVD put it in the drive, press copy and then get on my airplane.

Many thanks for you time

OK, I just read the blurb on DVDShrink and it still leads me back to the intial problem.

It says it does not burn DVDs, so what’s the point of it? So far from the suggestions I need 3 pieces of software to copy a DVD. 1) DVDDecrpyt to remove region and copy protection etc, 2) DVDSHrink to do ? and 3) something to burn it to a DVD.

WAY too labour intensive which is why I will pay for something that will do it all.


SO I run DVDShrink on a DVD goes through an analyzing process and at the end it says it can’t continue because of copy protection. I run DVDDecrpt and then try DVDShrink again on it withthe same error.

I then start DVDIdle Pro and try DVDShrink again on the DVD and I get another menu with all the trimings.

So again what’s the point of DVDDecrypter and what happens next with DVDShrink.

I don’t want 5 different programs which all do the same thing, I Have DVDIdle Pro, bought and paid for, so what goes with it to copy my DVD’s to another disk?!



@kendriver…me too man, why I use it…thanks…:slight_smile:

About six months ago, I purchased DVD Cloner II. It worked pretty well shrinking movie only to 4.3 gig disks. The drawbacks are some “artifacting”, and no disk titling, if you want to make another copy later.

Subsequently, I discovered DVD Shrink, and DVD Decrypton, freeware programs which are a bit slower in processing a movie, but which yield virtually perfect reauthored copies or almost anything I’ve attempted to copy, no artifacting, but in some cases of longer movies a couple of hours make be used for analysis and encoding. Both programs also have burning capabilities which saves owning Nero or other burning wares.

The downside of these freewares is that the developers are no longer offering upgrades or support for legal reasons.

gfh, shrink is a transcoder, it function is to read then rip your dvd to your hard drive, and shrink it to around 4 gig so it fits on 1 4.7 gig blank. if you are running into copyrite issues, dvd decrypter or the new fabdvddecryper will rip it your hdd. in either case…youthen open that iso or file directory to shrink it down to size with dvdshrink. burn it to disc with nero or you favorite burning program as a dvd video…:slight_smile:

@norfolktractorboy…shame on you, that probably not legal stuff your wanting to burn…ummmm cough…use search on vcd’s lol

gfh, if you are running into copyrite issues, and like the software you already have bought and paid for…try dvd43…it runs in the backround to bypass protections


If DVDIdle Pro removes the protection what would DVDFab do that DVDIdle doesn’t?

I have DVDDecrpyt so I can convert DVDs for play on an iPod (which is what got me started on all this nonsense) but from my little experiment with it and DVDShrink it doesn’t do anything for copying DVD’s because neither removed any propection whereas DVDIdle Pro did.

My other concern which was as Normb9 suggested was the lack of support or updating demonstrated by the slow demise of DVDDevrypter.

All of which leads me back to the beginning.

Thanks for your patience guys.

I know it will all be painfully obvious to me when I get it straight.

Kind of like asking for directions to the the airport, one person says go Highway 1 til 2 then turn right on 4. T
The next guy says oh no go HWY7 til you get to 9 and then left on 4,

The next guy says HWY77 til 90 til 4 then turn right.

They all get you there but all are a litlle different and I’m geting the directions about copying DVDs from one person and the second half from another and it all doesn’t quite make sense and I’d like to stick with one path.


In fairness, and in the spirit of this resource known as cdfreak,we’ve all cut our teeth and still cutting new ones, what works for me may not work for you. as a group, we give our best advice, and some jackasses even flame…albeit rare here.

when i started coming here I didn’t know dvdshrink from my ass, and I thought all blank media was the same…cut teeth with us and learn along the way…:slight_smile:

i don’t use dvd idle pro, but here’s the basic rundown.

you need a program that will decrypt. DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter were both good decrypters in their day, but unfortunately their day has passed. Neither is developed any longer because of legal reasons.

you need a program that will shrink the dvd to fit onto a single layer disc. This is where DVD Shrink comes in. It allows you to remove previews/extra foreign language soundtracks, etc. etc. and then it compresses your final product to a useable size.

Shrink doesn’t have a burning engine of its own, but you can make the output either files or ISO and use whatever burning program you prefer to burn whatever format you choose DVD Shrink to create.

I personally use Anydvd for on the fly background decryption and CloneDVD to both shrink and burn. In my mind it is the simplest solution. The above explanation includes free software and a little more work. The Anydvd/CloneDVD2 combo costs money, but is worht looking into. you can get a 21 day free trial of both from and see if you like it.

you’re really going to have to try things out and read guides for the programs to decide what you like best and what works for you.

there’s a huge learning curve when you first start out, and you have a lot of reading ahead of you before you know what you’re doing. Once you test out some programs and do some research then you can ask more educated questions that we can answer more specifically.

for now, you’re asking “how do i burn a DVD” and there are TONS of different ways to go about it.

Decryptor rips (removes the encryption)

Shrink does two levels of analysis if the data is too much to fit on a 4.3 meg disk, and then in a third step encodes it to an .ISO (disk image file) which you can burn. The final encoding step seems most vital to getting the quality you desire. I opt for smoothness over sharpness in this step. Artifacting seems almost nonexistent on my 50 inch screen. Decryptor is a free burner as well in the ISO write mode, and acts as a copier of nonprotected disks as well in the ISO read mode.

The lass reasonrules psted it best…but most of us are sayingthe same thing…:slight_smile:

If the movies you download are files like mpeg or vcd files i use a program called DvdSanta to convert them into dvd files and use Dvdsanta to burn also.

Hi All,

When I waded into this area of copying DVD’s I had NO idea of the complexities and I assure I am on the bottom of the learning and more than happy to figure it out.

If everyone used the same terms for everything it would be easier and as I have not found a manual for any of the products anybody has mentioned I can’t read them.

These Forums as helpfull as they are don’t quite cut it sometimes. It’s like asking me “How do I fly an airplane?” and I answer “Just go to the airport (DL Site) and get an airplane (DVD decrypter) and start it and away you go”. I do and others, do apprecaite your time. I don’t expect and I’m sure I’d get flamed or ignored a keystroke by keystroke explanation but in the absence of a manual if someone could give me a few more directions, or tell me where to get a manual for DVDDecrypter, DVDShrink etc I’d be happy to read them.

STEPS as I see them…

  1. DVDDecyrpter - well it decrypts. Ok, I get that, but what does it decrypt and why? Does it decrpyt to get around the copy protection? region protection?

If that is what it does, I have DVDIdle Pro that does that and it does it in the background without having to do anything except turn on my computer and put a DVD in my drive

So because DVDIdle Pro will remove copy/region protection, as far as I can see (and it ain’t far) I don’t need DVDDecrypter, besides it is becoming dated and may soon be obselete.

  1. DVDShrink - OK it reduces the size of the files to fit on one DVD. Having more than one DVD doesn’t bother me. And since I can’t take whatever file from the DVD and copy it onto another DVD why bother it?

  2. I need a third bit of software to take the files from above to burn to DVD but since I have nothing from the above to copy, what do I copy?

I imagine most of you have had enough by now, so in the very least if you would be so kind as to point me to instruction manuals (not forums please), but real manuals/instructions on how these bits of software work and how to use them I’d be gratefull.

Reading the manual is about the only way I figure I will get this stuff.



Try reading this.