Copying DVD's: what dvd's are best, which application is best?

Hey I know that if you use “search” you’ll prob find this too, but not all in one post, so could somebody please just tell me which dvd’s are best for burning a movie (or copying one from an original disk) (not the brand, but what kind of, as in: R+ or R-). Can these be data disks?

Also: which is the best program for copying dvd’s? Would clonedvd suffice?



There is no real answer to your question. In general, newer DVD players can play both DVD-R and DVD+R media, so it depends on your DVD player which format you should use. There are also tons of software you can use to copy DVD’s with and some are more easy to use than others. CloneDVD 2 is a good program, I use it myself too but there are other alternatives like Nero (only good for burning DVD’s) together DVD Shrink (freeware). Please use our search function and do some research. Your question has been asked and answered many times before! Good luck.

I use DVD SHRINK and DVD DECRYPTER both of which are free. Copy any movie with out a coaster so far. I just ordered the Nec 2510a, so I’ll have to find dual layer burning software.