Copying dvds to harddrive



Wondering how to copy dvd image of entire disk to hard drive. I have 250gigs of extra space. I use Clonedvd and have Nero 6 what i would like to do is store image files on hard drive tempory till i get a chance to burn them to dvd disks. I want a complete copy of the dvd. The problem i run into is getting an error message saying theres not enough space on drive. 250 gigs should be sufficient to put one dvd on it lol. If anyone can help would sure be appreciated…


If you want a complete backup of the dvd, why don’t you just make an image with nero ? (You may need anydvd for the case the dvds are protected)


You can try DVD Decrypter in ISO Read mode.


I was using DVD Decryptor, it works okay, but makes a lot of coasters too. I was looking at buying some craptastic software for $$ when I found these guys. I made a “donation” of 5 bucks and they provided some software that “actually” works! … oh okay, I did have 1 or 2 bad ones, but some flicks weren’t meant to be burned … it’s pretty simple, it makes an iso file, and they give you free burning software to burn the iso file to a DVD.

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It simply makes and iso file, except for the flicks that aren’t meant to be burned. :bigsmile:


It is just DVD Shrink. You notice they don’t mention the name of it.


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