Copying DVDs to Hard drive and MPG/WMV/AVI formats

Hello all,

I am new to this forum, my first post and I am also new to all the DVD technology out there, specifically DRM and such. The other day I popped one of my DVDs into the DVD ROM drive and launched Power DVD 5 to watch it, but it told me that it could not play it because it was copy protected. After Googling I found the Region+CSS free application on IdleDVD and tried it out. Worked beautifully!

This got me thinking about other plans that I have. I would like to take any one of my DVDs that I have and transfer it to the hard drive, so that my s/w DVD Player (Power DVD 5) can reproduce it without having to insert the actual disc in the drive. The player seems to have the option of getting the content source from a drive spec, but I can’t seem to get this to work.

Also, I would like to (in the future) buy one of those portable media devices that allow you to copy a video or music file (AVI/MPG/WMV) to the hard drive and watch the movie (or listen to music) with it. For this reason, I would also like to know how I can convert the DVD movie to any one of these formats.

After downloading and using Region+CSS Free(RCF) I believe that this program can help to accomplish these tasks, but I am not sure how. After Googling I believe that I need to use RCF in conjunction with another program, but not sure how to piece together the loose pieces.

If anyone can orient me, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and assistance.


Try a free 30 day trial full working version of DVDFab Platinum. It can be found in one of the [B]Read First[/B] stickies stating [I]DVDFab is out[/I].


Agree with Mack.
One of the many advantages…and there are many…of platinum, is that it fully supported by Fengtao with very timely updates for the relentless new copy protections. It is also supported with a outstanding forum with its members always willing to lend a hand. I believe it is the best and most comprehensive program of its kind, bar none.
DVD Region+CSS Free and DVDIdle Pro have not been updated since 10/26/06 so their decrypting capabilities are not current.

I would suggest you download platinum v. - full retail app free for 30 day trial. My bet is you’ll be hooked.

I love DVD Platinum but I use AOA DVD Ripper to convert the DVDs to DVIX, XVID, MPEG. Great product and works under Vista.

Does that mean that with DVD Fab Plat I do not need DVDRegion Free+CSS? Will it affect if I do have it installed?

Thanks to all for your replies. :slight_smile:

Correct. As a matter of fact, DVDRegion Free+CSS will conflict if open at the same time. Be sure it is totally exited. It sounds as though you were just trialing it. Personally, I would uninstall it or disable it in msconfig > startup.
You won’t need it if you have platinum.