Copying DVDs, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I just posted the article Copying DVDs, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the software packages that are available today with which you can copy your DVD movies. We’ll take a look at the produced video quality of each software package and at how much time the software needs to accomplish its task.

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A very nice test, though I’d appriciate it if you could also mention something about what movie features can be left out by the various software-packages. These options are build in to to save space…F.I. can you de-select the French language from an English movie etc.

Nice review, although too bad that u didn’t take dvd95copy ( into account, it is, imo, the best dvd copy software around. With it you can specify for each part of the dvd the compression method (also for menu’s etc etc) and so on. And, it is fast in its job also.

You say only DVDXCopy decrypts…not so, DVD Shrink also does. Don’t really like your ‘quality’ test… reminds me of HI-Fi mags who test music quality with instruments… For my money, the best test is the evidence of your eyes, watching the movie in real-time on a TV. When I do this, with a movie made with DVD Shrink, Level 1 compression, I (and my friends) can’t see any difference to the original. Given the price (FREE), features like decryption and variable compression levels plus the quality I’ve seen on my TV…there’s no contest…DVD Shrink is the clear winner.

Just wanted to go one more further than your review. CloneDVD is the only one at this time that can handle 999 PGC’s (Program Chains). Had an interactive DVD video that had 991 PGC’s and only CloneDVD out of all of them could handle that many.

Nice review, though I do agree with royrogers that the best test by far is watching the movie. Still Screenshots can provide inconclusive results compared to actually watching the movie but that of course would have been impossible for you to provide with the test. :wink: As regards DVD95Copy… How could they even test it? There is still not a current demo available so on that count alone it did not even deserve the courtesy of testing IMO. So thx! Nice test! :X

Did you ever consider trying out dvd2dvdr in a comparison to these ?

Very good article! The only problem I have is that I’m not sure how to do the whole process of backing up your DVD’s. I got SmartRipper and used it to rip a few DVDs, then went into Pinnacle’s InstatCopy to actually burn them, and I can’t figure out how do add the ripped files to burn them. The files I ripped do not show up in InstantCopy as compatible files. Another article about the actual process of ripping and burning would be great (I tried looking already here but couldn’t find one). Or if someone could just tell me here that would be great :g Thanks!! :slight_smile:

The results are very misleading for DVDX COPY Xpress and not accurate at all. All tho the times are higher, this moive is ready to go and done, no ripper needed, all of the others needed a decryptor of some sort. So the test is highly skewed. You should have included the decrypting time to be fair. DVDXCopy Xpress, is already done with everything while the others are still decrypting.

@HooHaster: You can find a guide for Instantcopy here: @Kamikazee: You can use a program like AnyDVD to decrypt the dvd on the fly, then there is no difference. However that means you need to buy another program…

I think the article is a little dated now due to recent software releases. I think it needs to be done again to show current trends. There are now other programmes ie) Intervideo windvd platinum that compresses and burns. Still I found it very informative - TY for the effort involved - no small task I know.

I am looking for a program that will back up my commercial dvd collection What do you gusy think would be the best program to do all of this ? thanks

Hands down DVDFabPlatinum edition does it all and more…you can even compress a dvd to psp, ipod, pda, cellphone, pvp etc. Totally customizable.

I would like to be one of your customers

Great program, well worth the price.

this site & downloads are so slow

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