Copying Dvd2One backup disc and copying it with nero?



Hey everyone! I wanted to ask has anyone tried or is there a way
to copy a DVD2ONE Movie mode disc,then copying that backup with nero like copy dvd to dvd ?? Or can you copy a backed up dvd2one disc using nero ? I got a error saying not enough space on disc ? the blank DVD+RW disc ! Am i doing something wrong ?


I don’t know what’s going on why you can’t copy it. The DVD2One copy is not protected in any way. I’ve done it several times, just like copying a cd.


ok YES It does work my friend used a old version of dvdxcopy then tried to make a working backup with nero and couldnt get it done ! then he told me that is what happends with dvd2one?


DVDXCopy does not remove the security encryption, therefore their backup disks carry the same copy protection as the originals.

Before you use DVD2One, you have to use DVD Decrypter, Smartripper, or other decryption software to rip the DVD to your hard drive. Therefore, there’s no encryption in the finished product after processing with DVD2One. I’ve had no problem copying DVD2One processed DVD’s. Your problem may be with your burner or your media.