Copying DVD

I am having trouble copying a DVD. It is not copywrite protected. It was made by friends of mine for a health and safety project at work. The original plays on both my computer and stand alone Malata DVD player. Copies will only play on the computer and not the stand alone DVD player. I am using the recommended media for my Plextor burner that I have used in the past without any problem. I have tried copying with both Clone DVD and Roxio Easy DVD.
Any ideas for a flunky truck driver to try to resolve this?
Thanks, Neal.

How old is the stand alone player that you are trying to play it on? Some older players don’t do well with recorded media.

Second - are you using + or - R’s for media? If you tried one type and it didn’t work, try the other. I’ve found that DVD-R’s are still a little more compatible that DVD+R’s.


The Malata is no more than two years old and has never given me any grief like this before. Both my source disc and the disc I am copying to are DVD-R. As an aside, I do have a couple of copied movies that a friend lent me, and they will play with picture but no sound. That’s why I am thinking it’s a stand alone player issue.

It certainly could be. Try one of the disks you burnt on another stand alone player and see what happens.

I’ll do that. Tomorrow at my Daughter’s place. I’ll get back to you.

What brand are the media you are using? Have you tried a good brand such as Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden?

Can’t get Taiyo Yuden in my country. You have to order them from the US in quantity, $$. I have tried both Maxell DVD-R and Maxell DVD-RW. Both recommended by Plextor. While searching a couple of sites I have found this problem exists with ‘some’ Malata’ DVD players. The fix suggested doesn’t help me however. I’ll get some Verbatim today and give them a go but I am beginning to narrow the problem down to the stand alone player as a sure thing.

Try +R instead!!!

How will that make any difference?

My daughters machine worked fine with the DVD’s I took to try. It must be the model Malata stand alone player that has some sort of glitch. I guess I get to go shopping.
Thanks for all your help people!!