Copying DVD

[qanda]This thread is about the Samsung DVD VR375 - DVD recorder/ VCR combo. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]We record our church service on DVD+R. I make copies using a duplicator. However, our machine is not working so I tried to copy some on my computer. I copied the files to my hard drive, then copied the files to a DVD-R. The DVD-R plays perfectly on my computer, but it will not play in my new Samsung DVD Recorder, which reads both -R and +R DVDs. I also have a Sony DVD recorder that plays both -R and +R and it won’t play in that one either. Any ideas

What burning program, brand of blank DVD, burning speed are you using.

At first I was just copying straight from the DVD to the hard drive, not using any program. I then downloaded imgburn and it created an iso file. I am now transfering to the hard drive and creating a WAV file.

Obviously the wav file didn’t work

In your first post you say you copied to DVD. What brand? What buring program did you use? Where are you getting the option to create a wav file using Imgburn? You only need to create a disk image and then burn the disk image.

I finally got it working. I copied the files to my hard drive using imgburn. Then I burned the files to a blank DVD. What I was doing wrong was not verifying the DVD. The IMGBurn program ejected the DVD before the verification process. I put the DVD back in and it verified it. I played it on three different DVD players I have and it worked on all three.

IMGBURN is a excellent program and it’s free