Copying DVD

I recently copied a dvd and noticed during the preamble that two versions of the film were offered; Angle 1 and angle 2. My question: what does this mean? I selected the angle 1 and the result seemed ok.

DVD Video may contain chapters for easy navigation (and continuation of a partially watched film). If space permits, it is also possible to include several versions (called “angles”) of certain scenes, though today this feature is mostly used—if at all—not to show different angles of the action, but as part of internationalization to, for example, show different language versions of images containing written text, if subtitles will not do (e.g., the Queen’s spell book in [I]Snow White[/I], and the scrolling text in the openings of the [I]Star Wars[/I] films). Multiple angles have found a niche in markets such as yoga and erotica.

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