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[qanda]This thread is about the Acer DVR106RD. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hello Everyone!

Please IGNORE the details above. The choice I want is not there (and, from the look of it, I shouldn’t be either!)

I have W.XP+ SP3. I have DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink and Nero 6.and all the nero bits with it.

I have a Jazz DVD I want to copy for a friend. It has 3 chapters (? Titles?)
1.048.512 KB
1.014.784 KB
60 KB

The only tool that will “look” at it is DVD decrypter. I decrypted it to the destination of choice - C\DVD VR\VIDEO_TS. Nothing would retrieve it, and as I could not retrieve it with DVD decrypter, as the only choices of source are the DVD trays, I deleted it and re-decrypted it to a folder on the desktop.
I was not able to get any of the other tools to touch it, and as I could not ‘source’ the folder on the desktop, I tried to decrypt it again directly to my DVD top tray D, from the bottom tray E.
I had a pop-up telling me that it was not possible because there was not enough free disc space as 12,288 bytes was needed. I thought that a DVD-R had 5.04658657 × 10 to the 9th, bytes = 4·7 GB?
I must be doing something wrong! And,what can I do to copy it. (Maybe a camera will be the only choice!)

Any advice would be helpful. As I am not very computer-competent, if there is a way, please explain it in easy steps! (I’m way past my sell-by date!)

Thank you,


Try ripping to the hard drive with DVDFab HD Decrypter.

DVDDecrypter is not updated anymore, and newer protection schemes are beyond its capability. I’m not sure that is what is going on here though.

Give DVDFab a try, and once you have the dvd on the hard drive, try playing it from there. If you don’t have a program you normally use for this, you can download VLC to play dvds from the hard drive (hit Media, Open Directory…browse to the Video_TS folder). If it plays ok, then try to burn it to a blank dvd.

From your description, the dvd only has a little over 2gb and should fit onto a blank dvdr without compression.

Nero should be able to burn this to a disk. If you have problems with it, you might try ImgBurn, which is the updated burning engine from DVDDecrypter. ImgBurn is free to use, and here is a guide to burning dvd-video files to a disk using it:


Many thanks - I’ll get on to this very soon! (Forgive me if I have a problem and have to return! I shall return, anyway, and let you know how I manage with all the info you have kindly given.)


Hello Kerry 56,

I have done all, and was not successful. The DVD Fab 5 came in Spanish and although my Spanish is pretty basic, it would not do more than copy it into it’s folder under it’s name FAB. I couldn’t find a way to put it onto a DVD-R. -There’s another thing. each time I chose the DVD drive where the blank DVD-R was, it kept telling me that it was a CD drive and was empty! When it actually contained a blank DVD-R. Makes me wonder if the DVD is a CD! - I don’t think so, I have played it on my main DVD player and seen the picture on the TV screen!
I know the people who manufactured it, and will contact them to find out what the format is and if they could copy it for me. I think we have taken this as far as I am willing to take it. It has taken up far too much time and I have had ENOUGH!!
Thank you for all your help.


DVDFab came in Spanish!!!???!!! There is an option to choose the language for setup, but the default language is English.

Did you click on the link I gave you for DVDFab? It works for me. If you want to try again follow the previous instructions.

Yes, I used your link to download it. I had the option to choose the setup language which was English. After that there is not a further language option. It is in Spanish!! I am also told that it is shareware and after 30 days I shall have to pay for it!
I’ll check out the format tomorrow, and let you know what all this trouble has been about!

Later —


Is the Jazz DVD in standard DVD file format?
This would be AUDIO_TS folder,VIDEO_TS folder.
The AUDIO_TS folder will be empty.
The VIDEO_TS folder will have .BUP , .IFO , & .VOB files.
With DVDDecrypter Mode/ISO/Read
DVD Jazz disc as source.
Read to a folder(create a new folder named Jazz) on your HD.
This folder should have 2 files an .ISO & a .MDS when the read is finished.
Select Mode/ISO/Write
Select the .MDS file as the source.
If you only have an .ISO file use it.
Destination your DVD drive with a new blank disc.Or an erased RW DVD disc if you have one & want to practice & test.
Write with DVDDecrypter.
The DVD disc should be in standard DVD file format.

If that doesn’t work try the two suggestions below:

Download ImgBurn if you don’t already have it.
If it recognizes the DVD files then build an .ISO with ImgBurn.
Then use ImgBurn write mode to write the .ISO to a DVD disc.
Thah should give you a standard DVD file format on the disc.
If that doesn’t work.
Virtual CloneDrive
Install Virtual CloneDrive & mount the .ISO in it.
Then use it as the source for Nero .
Burn to DVD disc.

Regarding DVDFab as shareware…they have changed the way their free section works. You download the entire program now, and have a 30 day trial for this main program, but the free decryption/ripping section will remain functional even after the 30 day trial is through.

I only recommended using the free section to rip the movie, and that is only because of a suspicion that DVDDecrypter isn’t removing all the encryption on the disk.

I just downloaded and installed DVDFab. Using just the decryption part called DVDFab HD Decrypter there is no evidence of Spanish to be found in my installation. I chose English of course.

Cholla’s instructions will work only if the encryption is CSS, not anything more advanced that DVDDecrypter can’t handle on its own.

@Kerry56 ;

I usually use ImgBurn instead of DVDDecrypter .I just thought there might be a chance the Jazz DVD wasn’t encrypted & Colinito already was using it.
I also have AnyDVD & I use it with ImgBurn when I create an .ISO with it.If I understand correctly AnyDVD removes the protection when used this way.I would have told Colinito to use AnyDVD but thought he probably didn’t have it.
Most of my copying is done with CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD.
I do have the DVDFab HD Decrypter v free version I have used it for a few things but it has it’s limitations.

Kerry 56, & Cholla -

With your help and advice, I have finally managed to overcome the problem.

I do not know where I went wrong, but, following the details and instructions in Cholla’s last post, I have succeeded in downloading, and burning the Jazz DVD that I have had so much difficulty with.

I suppose that I should have recorded each action that I did so that I could pin-point the error(s) that I made in the execution of the process. But - as many - I did not!

I suspect that I did not first go to READ and then to WRITE, but I am not sure. All I can be certain of is that I have finally been successful.

Thank you Cholla for detailing the process of action. and all the details that you provided to assist me.

Thank you Kerry 56 for all your input, without which I would not have the knowledge to obtain DVD Fab 5, even though I somehow received it in Spanish! (I have written to them to enquire how to either change the language or download it in English!).

Without the help of you both, I would have failed. Instead, I have succeeded and, having copied and pasted all your posts, I will be able to refer to them in future and be sure to perform the actions correctly!

I am very grateful.

I shall close this thread, gratefully, and with the knowledge that if I have any problems in the future, I may return for more guidance from this forum.