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[qanda]This thread is about the Lite-On DD-A500GX - DVD recorder. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi
I have a lite-on 5045 when I record
using dvd - I hard time recording using
this type of dvd when I use a dvd +
or a rw I dont have any problems before i throw away the dvd- is there maybe something in the setup menu I need to change to allow me to copy to dvd- the dvds I have are tdk and


Set-up menu in what program?
We would need to know what program you are using before we could answer any questions like that
What speed are you recording at?
What speed are the tdk and sony rated at?
They are not very good media but can still be used, just have to find the right program,burning at the right speed.


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sorry i didn`t mean to post twice i noticed
a error in my post and fixed it not knowing
i had posted it twice


I`m using a liteon 5045
to record from hard drive
to dvd


[QUOTE=driver1;2141976]I`m using a liteon 5045
to record from hard drive
to dvd[/QUOTE]

From Computer hard drive to Liteon 5045?
Using what program?

It says it can use DVD-R :

Recordable media


My Lite-On recorders like DVD+ media better than DVD- media. Don’t toss the -R media save it. If you are like most users the burner in your 5045 will need to be replaced some day and you should be able to use the -R media then. I use mostly TDK+R media and have never had a problem. One other thing is make sure the firmware is up to date. Hoped this helped you some.


Im only using the liteon 5045 it has a hard drive and dvd player and recorder im not using any computer


You can try a slower burn speed.
You should try and make sure you have the most up to date firmware installed.
It may not be reading the -R disc correctly.


driver1 is talking about a stand alone DVD recorder. Not a DVD burner that is in a computer. His problem has nothing to do with a computer. It is a recorder that is hooked up to a TV for recording.

If you want to send a message to CCRomeo he might be the man with that can help you the more.



I understand that it is a standalone.But they do have settings also.


If you have the manuel you should be able to find where you can change burning speed.
Not sure the firmware can be updated on the Liteon but some units can be updated.


I think the OP is looking for info on why the drive in his 5045 is having a hard time recognizing “-” media compared to “+” media. All Liteon dvd recorders, with or without HDDs, all have the same problem, initially built with a bad burner. The dual writer recorders such as the 5045 (and 5005), the use of “-” media has been discouraged in favour of the “+” media which these models seem to prefer. The first sign of a failing drive in these models is its increasing failure to recognize “-” media, eventually it will go to not recognizing “+” media. This is inevitable with all Liteon recorders hence the sticky threads on replacement drives on this and other forums.

As for changing the burning speed in these recorders, the speed is inherent to the chip which only allows two speed, real time and 4x, that’s it, there’s no way to increase the speed, it’s just the way it is. This forum would have been well aware of the possibility of changing this feature by now. So my only suggestions for now are stick with + media and start looking at replacing your burner.