Copying DVD to PSP in Full Resolution

I just started using Dvd Fab Platinum it is one of the best programs out there, when converting a dvd movie to PSP is it possible to do so in full Resolution…so far it does not give you the option of 480 X 272 which is size of the PSP. It seems like a shame to waste such a beautiful screen.

thanks for the help :confused:

Hi, can you tell me how to put the movie in the PSP after conversion? I simply pass the movie to directory named PSP\MOVIE. Thanks!

I do not have a PSP just an IPOD, so am not sure if this will work. I notice the setting you are after is the Generic list, can you select that, encode, then change the extension to the PSP file format as mentioned in the PSP section. Be interested to know.

As far as I know Sony still limits the resolution of video to half the screen resolution. I dont believe it will display a video at that resolution if you do get it encoded that way even though its the native resolution of the screen. I have heard speculation that they did this intentionally to make the UMD videos more attractive because they do play at the native resolution.

Sony unlocked MP4 playback, it’s now possible to do full screen resolution since firmware 3.03.