Copying DVD to post to Youtube

Hello there, I am a very new newbie. I have a DVD that I do not believe is copyrighted, it is a DVD of my horse at a show. I am trying to copy the DVD and post to Youtube. I had someone at my office make me a copy of the DVD but I cannot upload to youtube. I cannot seem to copy the DVD to my desktop. I have Roxio and Windows Media Player but neither seem to be able to copy the Video. Any suggestions?

How long is the video? For most people the limit is 10 minutes and a total size of 1gb.

This dvd shouldn’t have copy protection, but you can use a ripper like DVDShrink or DVDDecrypter to put it onto the hard drive. You can find both at

Once on the hard drive, you will probably want to reduce the size of the video and cut down the resolution. Youtube recommends using mp4, xvid or divx, 320 x 240 resolution for any 4:3 aspect ratio video. Or is yours a wide-screen dvd perhaps? There are lots of video converters out there…look at AutoGK or Xvid4PSP…these are just examples there are many others.

You can send it in its current format to Youtube if it fits the time and file size limits I mentioned already. It will just take longer to upload. Youtube will convert it to flash format in any case.

If you need just a portion of the dvd, please let us know. We can tell you how to take out a section using DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode.