Copying DVD to mp4 file

What’s the best choice of free software for copying DVD’s to mp4 format?
I’ve been using Wondeshare video converter, but it doesn’t seem to like Windows 10.
None of my DVD’s are copy protected, most of them are pretty old.



Handbrake and Vidcoder are two of the most popular for this. Vidcoder uses the Handbrake core, but offers a few different options.

Neither include a decrypter, so make sure your original DVD is decrypted.

Thanks Kerry. I tried Vidcoder and it works well, a bit slow compared to Wondershare but very reliable.
Are there any decent paid for converters worth considering?

VSO ConvertXtoVideo would be the first I’d try if I were going to use a commercial product. But I’ve never had issues with Vidcoder or Handbrake personally, and don’t really see the need. Both of the free programs can be adjusted to faster settings.

Thanks. I’ll carry on using Vidcoder.
I take it faster settings = lower quality?

Yes, as a general rule, the faster you set the H264 or H265 encoders, the lower the quality.

For non-protected DVDs, Handbrake will be a good choice. It supports H.264 and H.265 MP4 output. For copy-protected DVDs, I like using Pavtube ByteCopy, which is fully compatible with Windows 10.

I’m using Vidcoder with AnyDVD running, it seems capable of dealing with all the older CD’s/DVD’s I have.

You can use the Hanebrake which is free, but it limits the video related parameters, also you can't get the 3D MP4,bes HD MP4 or 4K MP4, I like the Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate best. You cna have a try.

Thanks Doris, but I’m happy enough with Vidcoder, it does all I want with little fuss.