Copying dvd to dvd on macbook



Hello there.

Apologies if this is in the wrong section -

You have all been most helpful in the past, when I was unsure about what blank media to use for keeping footage.

Now, I have the joys of a new mac with which to transfer remaining footage from rw’s to r’s, and need advice on how best to do it:

  1. I have been told of various free software to copy dvd’s with, but have become aware that the footage is made into MPEG4 which none of my standalone players take.

  2. I believe there is a more simple method not requiring extra software (something about saving a file image then burning)

  3. All i want is a carbon copy of my footage (which was recorded in real time from a camera into a dvd player) , but on an archiving dvd +R, so I can keep it and watch it on anything

-No format troubles etc. etc.

Or should I just re-record from dvd player to dvd recorder (looong process!) ?

Help most appreciated!