Copying DVD-R's from HS2 on Computer

I have quite a few dvd-r’s I’ve created on my Panasonic HS2 DVD-R Recorder. These are finalized DVD-Video discs that I have decided I want to make a backup. Some only have one item on it and some have several items on it and they range from home video to old classic tv shows from TV. My question, I have been trying to use Nero to copy it. It immediately says when it starts copying “Can only copy first data track to a DVD medium”. Is there something I can change in options or should I look at another dvd copy program? Thank you.

I am unfamiliar with how that recorder lays out the disc. You might try ISOBuster to see if it has some type of nonstandard layout (multisession, etc), or try DVDDecrypter in ISO mode and make an image of the disc.