Copying dvd-r to a dvd+r using NeroExpress

Can Nero Express copy a dvd-r to a dvd+r using disk copy? I do not have the check correct disk format before burning box checked in the configure section and when I try to copy dvd-r to a dvd+r I get a message to insert a -r dvd. I’m using a Liteon SOHW-832s drive and copying to the hard drive first, when I put in a dvd+r as the destination disk it asks for a dvd-r. Can this be done using nero Express?


Your recorder supports both the +/- DVD media, make sure you have the latest firmware for the recorder from the following page: and follow the instructions on how to update the firmware:

Lite-On Spec:
Write DVD+R 8x ( 10800 KB/sec ) maximum by Z-CLV
DVD-R 8x ( 10800 KB/sec ) maximum by Z-CLV
DVD+R9 2.4x ( 3240 KB/sec ) maximum by CLV
ReWrite DVD+RW 4x ( 5400 KB/sec ) by CLV
DVD-RW 4x ( 5400 KB/sec ) by CLV
Read 12x ( 16200 KB/sec ) maximum by CAV
Access time 160 ms

Ismaelm, the 832s has the latest firmware from liteon (VSOG) and it is not modded. I also tried to copy the dvd-r to a dvd+r using the quick copy to my Liteon 1633 and I get the same error screen that it needs a -r media. Attached is the error report fom the attempted 832s to 832s copy.

nero error report.txt (18.4 KB)

Ismaelm, I was able to copy a dvd+rw to a dvd+r from the 832 to the 1633 with no problem. It must be a - to + issue with Nero.

Ismaelm, any further ideas why nero express disk copy won’t copy -r to +r on my 832s and 1633s?