Copying DVD-R files

Hi all, I’m Joe and relatively proficient with tools but not so much with computers, so please bear with me. I copied my VHS-C tapes to DVD-R. When I uploaded to the computer via the DVD drive, Windows Media Player had the entire tape. However, when I copied to the external hard drive and viewed the Video-TS file, only a few seconds of the tape was there. Would greatly appreciate any and all assistance. Thanks much, Joe.

Hi Joe,

How you created the VIDEO_TS disc? How software and how the disc are burnt?

Thanks for the reply. It was created on a Magnavox MDR161V, which is a VHS to DVD recorder.

Ouch! I think you’re using PC…

Well, let’s go… VIDEO_TS folder/files are mixed, and the files are a little “chunk” of the video itself.
You can use a software like PowerDVD to watch the disc or the VIDEO_TS folder onto your hard drive / external hard drive.

These files aren’t much “friendly” to play outside a disc/folder. An option is rip your disc to MPEG, AVI, DivX file…

Thanks much!!

A free player like VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema could also play your DVD videos.

Thanks much. I really wanted to give the each of the kids an external hard drive with the videos on the hard drive, since most laptops these days don’t come with DVD players.