Copying DVD+R disks created using home theatre "DVD Recorders"

I need to copy or backup DVD+R disks created using various home theatre DVD Recorders now found in the marketplace. None of the assorted programs at hand, including DVDFab Decrypter, DVD Shrink, DVDFab Platinum Express, DVD Region+CSS Free, DVD Professional, CloneDVD, DVD X Copy Platinum, etc., will successfully copy a DVD+R disk created using any one of the various home theatre DVD Recorders. So far, nothing short of playing the flick real-time for dubbing seems to work. Anyone have any experience with this - ideas, comments, suggestions, etc.
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Does your DVD recorder creates DVD+VR or DVD-VR discs?

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I have had success copying from my directtv DVR to a Stand alone Liteon DVR recorder and then taking that DVD to my computer and making additional backups using Nero on my PC. I know that I have to finish (close) the Disc in the liteon recorder otherwise it will not play on any other players. I have backed up some vhs this way also. The key for me is to make sure that the disc has been closed in the stand alone unit. I use the copy disc in Nero and do it on the fly, usually takes 5-10 minutes. With my liteon recorder anything I record has to be done in real time, I watch TV while I backup my old VHS tapes.

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I work entirely with DVD+R. I have several stand-alone livingroom style DVD “recorders”, upon which I record various off-air TV shows and the like - sometimes stuff from HBO. Until now, I had not given thought to making a copy of one of these recorded (and finalized) DVD+R blanks, which vary from SP to SLP (6 hours of material). Now I need to make copies of some of them, and find to my dismay that none of the many, many DVD programs I have - including NERO - will recognize or otherwise copy one of these disks. To make a DVD player to DVD recorder backup in ‘real time’ seems like a huge waste of resources and time. So I am seeking to find someone that has a workable formulae or such. Any ideas are appreciated. I am making my ‘copies’ on a computer running XP and a top of the line Sony recorder - off of which works just fine in all other cases.
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I also run XP and have a LiteOn recorder in my PC. Will your PC play any of the discs created on your stand alone recorders? I have two DVD drives in my PC, one reader and one recorder. My stand alone unit formats the content into DVD VR, and I have used DVD+R and DVD-R neither of wich have given me any problems when I copy them on my PC. I am using Nero to do all my backups of the stand alone recorded material. Have you looked in “my computer” and clicked on the appropriate drive letter of your recorder or dvd drive to see if it recognizes the recorded disc? Is your firmware up to date on your sony burner in your machine? Does the recorded DVD media play on your Home entertainment center DVD players? I am also fairly new at this so I am learning as I go too. Just try to help you out and hope that some of this did.


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Thanks for the info. Using Nero and top of the line Sony external burner on my PC. My stand alone DVD Recorders are Go Video, Coby and some other off-brand name I forget. Have no problem copying anything burned to DVD+R, such as off-air TV shows, and yes, the recorded and finalized DVD+R’s play just fine in any modern DVD player or on my PC. Most of them have 6+ hours material burned on, pretty good quality. Except that I can’t get Nero 7.x or any of the other assorted programs I have (paid for) to copy the disk, either. They all will ‘read’ the disk contents, but when it comes to doing the ‘backup’ operation - burning a new copy - all I get is error msgs that the format is unrecognized. I figure there is some simple way, will post results here when I come upon it. I noticed in some other forums I visited the same basic problem floating about. FYI - recently bought some cheap Chinese-manufactured no-name brand DVD+R blanks, finding half or more to be defective - So I am sticking basically with Sony, and most specifically, “Made In Japan” on label. Staples frequently has them on sale for about $17.95/50, but last time I bought three of them, two had a “Made In China” on box, otherwise appeared identical. Went back to store, they found around 50-50 of their stock was either Japan or China made, with labels that otherwise appeared identical. So far, about 500 Sony, Made In Japan blanks used without a glitch (I work on a ship at sea, so I copy lots and lots of off-air TV shows when home on vacation).
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If you use a simple DVD+RW you don’t have to finalize anything and it will play on all DVD players. If you use just a regular DVD+R you do have to finalize to play on all players which I think holds true for all DVD recorders.

I have Nero software. If I make a DVD on my stand alone Lite On Recorder either via my HD DVR or a Video tape, I can then make a copy of that on my computer without problems using DVD Shrink. You should also be able to clone a copy by attaching another DVD player to your DVD recorder & recording. You can also get a device for around $100 online that will decrypt stuff recorded to your stand alone recorder (as opposed to your computer burner).

You may want to try burning to HD as ISO, Gold can do that and then burn to a disc with Nero or ImageBurn. ISO produces exact copy so it cannot be edited without using some advanced tools.