Copying DVD for Specific Editing Program

I need a DVD copying program that converts the DVD into one single file. I also need the VOB file to be ready to import into TMPGEnc MPEG Editor. DVD Shrink accomplishes the single file aspect but for some reason this file does not read properly into the MPEG editor.

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I don’t believe it is. I’m not looking for a recommendation on video editing software. I’m looking for a DVD copying program. Which is why I put this thread in that section.

DVDDecrypter in IFO mode can create one large vob file for you. Go to settings, IFO mode and in Options set File Splitting to None.

Decrypter by itself is no longer effective at beating the new protection schemes that have been added to dvds, so you may have to use it in combination with AnyDVD to rip newer movies.

Or you could use your normal method of ripping to the hard drive, whichever one you use now, and run the vob files through Vobmerge.

I tried using that program and it was able to create a single VOB file. Problem is that when I imported the file into TMPGEnc MPEG Editor I received the same problem. A two hour file only showed up as about 16 seconds on the timeline.

Does anyone here know a program to import VOB files that would be good for a video splitting program?

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Shrink should do this OK. Try re-naming the VOB to MPG and see what happens. I thought that all the TMPGEnc software could import a DVD directly. Mine does, but I don’t have the MPEG-Editor version. Isn’t there a “Source Wizard” button?