Copying DVD audio to CD

I have the U2 DVD that is not available on CD and would like to listen to it in the car. How would I burn this 5.1 or DTS DVD onto CD. I can’t get a clear answer from anyone on how to do this. It should be able to be done, you would think at least.

you can rip dvd audio with dvd audio extractor , (you can get a trial version from tucows),tem burn the wave files win nero for example.
rip at 44k.

CD won’t do 5.1 it’s only 2 or 4 tracks, though no one supports the Redbook 4 track option. DVD Audio extractor will only work IF the DVDA is not encrypted with CPPM in that case you can’t do a digital copy…you’ll need to capture it.

CPPM is 128bit encryption and is not cracked, CSS was only 40bit and is cracked.

Extracting audio from a DVD

hmmm… best way i have found (and to get the tracks still seperate) is to use SmartRipper to select the chapter you need and rip that, then convert to avi using DVD2AVI, but DVD2AVI if you tell it to can make video and audio different files so you will have a .wav file you can burn to cd.

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Still won’t do 5.1 mate :frowning: No matter how you slice it you can’t make a redbook audio CDDA with 5.1

Maybe an HD-CD but I don’t know much about that format :frowning:

You cannot get 5.1 or DTS, but you can get .wav or mp3 to burn to CD.

  1. Rip DVD to hard drive. If it can be done with DVD Decryptor, than you can extract audio ac3 right there. If other ripper has to be used, just rip to HDD.
  2. Open PgcDemux (free) and under PGC-Title, demux ac3 audio.
  3. Get Bee Sweet with Bee Light (all free) and convert ac3 to wav.
  4. Burn to CD. If you want to name or separate songs get Audacity (free) for edit.

you guys are funny…no onder no one answered my thread…

of course you can make a dts cd…

rip your dvd and extract the audio…split the tracks up and number them…load em up in goldwave or wavelab…one at a time…save each individual channel as a 16 bit pcm mono signed wav file…nameing them left,right,center sub rear right…bla bla bla…load the six files accordingly into surcode dts for cd and encode…you will have one wav file in 6 channel dts…burn to cd