Copying dvd_9 discs



I was wondering if it was possible to use a dual layered disc and writer which is capable of writing the 2 layers to copy a single dvd9 disc onto a single dvdr without much loss from compression. I dont understand why you have to start using shink and all those proggys to cut out all the features and stuff. Isn’t it possible to just copy both layers? I currrently have decryptor and shrink but I wanted to ask this question b4 I dove in.

  1. Price of a good DL burner compared to a SL recorder. (Now the gap is much smaller).
  2. Price of a DL media compared to a simple +/- R. (Gap is huge).
  3. Question of quality is always a subjective matter. I personally don’t see any diffirence comparing any of my originals and their backups. (Depends on the software you use).
  4. Time/Speed factor is also relative. If you can make a backup let’s say as an average in 20 minutes from point “0” to the final result, then it is not a big deal.

Remark: there is nothing wrong with my eyesight. I just prefer watching movies and avoiding counting pixels.

Answer to your question: yes, it is possible.