Copying dual layer movies to dual layers blanks

I have not been successful copying dual layer originals to dual layer blanks when using AnyDVD. I have been successful copying them using DVDDecripter ISO READ/WRITE modes. But if the movie has protections that DVDDecripter do not recognize then I am stuck. The problem with AnyDVD seems to be with the layer break point. Any ideas?

simply leave anydvd running while you rip with dvd decrypter. anydvd will work n the background to decrypt while dvd decrypter does the ripping.

if the little fox in the taskbar is red then anydvd is doing its job regardless of what progam you’re ripping with.

With AnyDVD running, simply copy with CloneCD (and no that is NOT a typo) instead.

I go with reason advise, combination of AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter is fine pair to be used for copying DVD9 to SVD9 (DL movie to DL disc). and don’t forget to use good quality DL disc namely Verbatim.


As reasonsnotrules suggests, leave anydvd running. Configure dvd decrypter to work with anydvd (there are a couple of threads on doing so - use search).

Rip the DVD in ISO mode - make sure you tell dvd decrypter to CREATE A MDS file (its under settings/iso).

Use imgburn (google it) to burn the disc, selecting the MDS file (not the ISO). It will put the layer break exactly where it was on the original.

Use Verbatim +R DL media.