Copying Dual Layer DVD to Single Layer

Does anyone know of a good program that will shrink a dual layer to a single layer DVD that also will transcode the audio from pcm to mp3? I’ve tried DVD shrink, but it won’t shrink it enough to fit because of the pcm audio.


DVD’s don’t use mp3 audio. It isn’t one of the allowed formats. If you want to compress the audio, use ac3.

If your dual layer dvd needs a lot of compression to fit onto a single layer dvdr, I suggest using DVDRebuilder. There is a free version available for download, and the full installer will include everything you need, including AviSynth and a very good mpeg encoder called HC. I strongly suggest using HC unless you already own CCE or Procoder.

DVDRebuilder is dirt simple to use, and allows you to copy just the main movie or keep the menus, if you wish, or copy the entire thing. Since it reencodes, it is not a quick process. Count on 3 and a half hours unless you have a very fast cpu.

Thanks for the info on DVD RB, I tried using DVD Fab, but the results were not good, a lot of pixelation in the video. Rebuilder is worth time it takes considering the good results.