Copying Disc to Disc...?

Hi guys

Can you help me out please?

What it is. I recorded a movie (last week) on a DVD+RW, but now I want to copy this movie to an Inkjet Printable (DVD-R16X)…so I can test my new printer out:)

Guys, how do I do this? There seems to be a lot of available info…I’m a bit confused though:confused: Do I need to install software/will it be a lengthy process?

Also, I don’t have the original project on my computer.

Any advice would be much appreciated:)


You can copy using Disc to Disc (copy on the fly) staged to HDD is better.
You have to have two Drives though. Use Nero or Roxio

Re-rip the RW using Shrink since you said you deleted the image already.

or wait for the GURU’s and experts opinion.

if you dont have two drives…use DVDFab HD decrypter (free) to rip the dvd to your hd & use dvd shrink to save as an iso, then burn to disc using Imgburn (free). Alternative is DVDFab Platinum (30 days trial) or AnyDVD in combination with clonedvd2. :iagree:

Damn…I guess I’m not going to get this done in the next half hour then, lol!

I thought I would just be able to copy the contents to my EHD, then burn to the Inkjet Printable:disagree:

I’m not sure I understand what to do Ripperfreak…I haven’t a clue, lol! I have 1 dvd burner in my laptop and a 500GB EHD…

Edit: OK, I just read your reply cyspur. I’ll go see if I can get it done…no doubt I’ll be back with more questions, though…lol!

Ok, I had the DVDFab Interface on screen, but when I inserted the disc…the interface disappeared?

The menu option selected was DVD to DVD - Full Disc. Doh…how do I get this thing rolling, guys?

Installed DVDFab Platinum.

Tried both ‘Full Disc’ and ‘Clone’ options, but the program shuts down as soon as I insert the disc and it starts to scan it…wtf:confused:

Is this a DVD compliant DVD meanung you ripped the original DVD to the HDD and then burnt it?

It was a DL’d (avi file…I think). I then re-encoded it to DVD format and then burned it to a DVD+RW.

There should be no copy protection on it then. So just use dvd shrink and make it an ISO format file in the settings then use Imgburn to burn the ISO.

I don’t see an option to make it an ISO file in DVD Shrink…?

[QUOTE=Gun;1947523]I don’t see an option to make it an ISO file in DVD Shrink…?[/QUOTE]
You might want to read the Shrink guides, found here:
Also there are guides on this forum,found here:

Basically, this is what you do.
When you get to point where you can backup,
Click Backup > Target Device > Create ISO Image

ImgBurn. Read Mode -> Write Mode. Done.

To shortcut everything …
If you’ve got
(1) an unprotected disc, and
(2) a program such as Nero:
Then, you should be able to make a copy of the disk by using the “Copy DVD” function in Nero.
Also you dont need two drives to use this.
If you’ve got only one drive, Nero will copy the files from your unprotected DVD to the hard drive, and then copy those files to your second DVD.
(If one drive, Nero cant do it “On the fly”, but it can make the copy, just takes a little lionger to process, which is not a big deal.)

[QUOTE=olyteddy;1947778]ImgBurn. Read Mode -> Write Mode. Done.[/QUOTE]BUILD MODE not Read Mode :bigsmile:

[quote=Gun;1947370]Hi guys

What it is. I recorded a movie (last week) on a DVD+RW, but now I want to copy this movie to an Inkjet Printable (DVD-R16X)…so I can test my new printer out:)


What I can understand from the above and succeeding post of yours is. You recorder a movie using either your PC or a DVD recorder and transfered it to a RW. Encoded it to DVD format. So i find no reason that it can’t be re-copied using Disc to Disc. Copy to HDD and back to DVD using Shrink as you can remove things in the beginning and end of the recorded movie.

No, I meant Read Mode. Build mode if you have the files already on the drive. Read Mode reads the DVD as an ISO and puts that ISO on the Hard Drive, ready to be burned in Write Mode. With my Samsung external entire copying process takes about 15 minutes.