Copying direct to disc with 2 burners without hard drive?

can someone tell me how to use clonedvd2 to copy directly from disc to disc without reading the image to the hard drive and then burning the disc , nero 6 express does it but i would like to use clone dvd so i can take out all the trailers and previews, please someone help my email is

but i would like to use clone dvd so i can take out all the trailers and previews
You can forget about that with OTF copying, will not work that way…

CloneDVD2 and Shrink both need to write to a HDD as they need to modify the data structures of files on the disc that cant be done on-the-fly. This means they have to build an image of the disc on the HDD before its burnt.

Encoding time is also usually slower than the burn time if you have to compress the video as well.

Space needed is only about 6GB (4.7 GB for the image + other little bits if needed) so its not that much & is usually deleted when the file is burnt.

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Do not copy DVD’s on the fly! CDs yes!

Only data cd’s.

OH! Forgot!

Well ok honestly any CD that doesn’t need any processing and that you’re guaranteed to read as fast as you write… is ok.

But since the only program that correctly reads audio CD’s is EAC, and since it has no on-the-fly mode…