Copying cds

hi people,i am kinda new to cd copying so i need a bit of help. The other day i lent my mate my copy of generals that i bought and he managed to copy it using this site. He told me that i could use clone cd to copy it with a samsung cd writer but it has yet to work.please help me as i want to be able to make a backup of this incredible writer is samsung sw-240B. thanks

Try this: read the disc with one of the standard SafeDisc Profiles (either no AWS and AWS will do). When writing the image right click on the Profile you want to use and set Weak Sectors to Emulate. Now write the image and play the back-up with Hide CDR Media enabled in the CloneCD-tray (needs to be enabled at all times). When Weak Sector Emulation and the CloneCD-tray are not available, check here.