Copying CD's on the fly with nero?



when i want to copy a disc on the fly with nero,the programme asks me to put in a new cd wich i already did and then instantly locks up? the same problem with last version of cdrwin when i want to make an image of a disc it copies two files a bin and a cue but then the programme locks up and the files ain’t bigger as 0kb


Did you disable the auto insert?


yes i did but does that have any impact on copying psx cd’s


Advice if your trying to copy psx
use win on cd 3.6 /7 p e

it give me better results.


old/corrupted aspi drivers ?
it could be.
update them.


where can i find an update for my aspi drivers, i also think thats the problem i cant find a good update.


I a problem with my cd rom locking up when burning on the fly (using EZ CD). I disabled the auto insert & it worked fine after that.

I think you can download a good ASPI driver from Adaptec.


CDfreaks had posted the cracked Aspi drivers known as “Aspi4all”, check Dividezero’s page, he may still have it there, if not you could e-mail me I’ll send them to you.

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Since when did NERO create a Bin and Cue File?? You’re using CDRWin. Nero Creates a .NRG file. Also you don’t even need an aspi layer installed (on Win98) for Nero to work.