Copying CDRs with SD2

I’m using CloneCD to copy Safedisc 2 games (on a Liteon 24x10). I can successfully backup from original discs, but run into copy protection when backing up from a backup.

Is this normal? I’ve kept all my images on the hard disk (Daemon Tools is great for this) just in case.

Nice Drive. It can do EFM, right?

So: Did you use AWS even though the writer could do it, or did you not.

When you backup a safedisc of safedisc2 protected CD you make an exact perfect copy of it, including the copy protection. So yes it is normal.

You should be able if you use the SAME settings as you did when cloning the original cd.

Quoting Futureproof:

'If the copy is an “AWS” burn by a non-SD2 burner then EC must be set to “none”.

If the copy is a burn by a correct SD2 writer then error correction MUST NOT be set to none.

If the copy is an “AWS” burn by a proper SD2 writer then the copy cannot be copied (I think - I haven’t tested this but thinking it through leads me to believe that it may not work given the EC & sector regeneration performed anyway by CCD)."

I’ve tested this and it’s true.