Copying CDG disc

What type of media I should use for copying a CDG disc since there is no such thing as blank CDGs (from what I heard)? Should I use a DVD so I don’t lose the graphics (lyrics)? Many sites discuss copying onto a CDR, but wouldn’t this mean it will only copy the music, but not the graphics?

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You need blank CDRs but not all drives are capable of copying CDGs since the graphics are stored as sub-channel data.

If you’ve the right drive then CloneCD, DiscJuggler or Alcohol 120 should be capable of doing what you want.

It’s not something I’ve ever done though so the guys here can probably advise further.


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These days in my family (we do a lot of backing up of this type of disc), we use a program called Power CD+G burner, but as mentioned CloneCD will do the job nicely - provided your drive supports the CD+G format.

However, neither program is free I’m afraid.

Download and run Nero InfoTool, run it and it should tell you what your drive supports. Failing that, just post your drive model here. :wink:

Any blank CDR should do the job.

Thank you both for replying. This is very helpful and will put me in the right direction.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: - if you need any more help backing up your discs, don’t hesitate to post back :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a super cdg disc that I managed to export the songs to a folder and then save them as a cdg format. However, they are saved as two files: mp3 and cdg. How can I combine the two files into one for each song so I can burn onto a CD?