Copying cd protection only

i bought dungeon siege a few days ago and now… the first cd shattered inside of my drive. luckily, i copied the datafiles of the first cd before it shattered. now, im planning of recreating the first cd by combining the protection of the 2nd cd and the data of the 1st cd… is it possible to do?

nope - assuming its protected.

how did your CD shatter inside your drive ?
what brand drive do you have ?


I don’t think it is protected. I made a back-up of this game over the weekend and there were some curious features however.

Disc 2 was totally unprotected and although that cd won’t auto-run, the game will run from that cd.

Disc 1 had a number of bad sectors starting at about sector 800 (which is typical for safedisc) but, instead of the bad sectors continuing until about sector 10,000 (as would be case for safedisc), they ceased at about sector 1,500. (The game also runs from disc 1 and disc 1 will autorun.) In addition, although disc 1 had a peculiar file in its root directory, it wasn’t the tmp file typical of safedisc 2 protected cds.