Copying Carin Navigation CD's



Anybody know how it's done?
Creating an exact backup with Nero or CDRWin 3.8 doesn't work; System says ,wrong cd inserted! I tried everything, so far there was nothing for me i couldn't get a copy of!


A friend of me has copied one of the carin cd’s and he says that there is a hidden track on the disc, if you wanna see copy everything to your hardrive and match it with your original and you see that there a not the same size but that the original a couple of mb’s larger is…

The copy the cd first make a image with WinOnCd 3.7 and then burn the cd…

If it’s doesn’t works please mail me and i ask him again…

Greetz madmax



I tried what you’ve said … but it doesn’t work ??


Use CloneCD with a low write speed.