Copying camcorder footage -- which disc

I’m shopping for a new camcorder, looking at purchasing either a hard drive or another mini dv. In the past I’ve used the mini dv & have a collection of tapes which I would eventually like to transfer to DVD’s.

Regardless of the media type I use, what I would like to do is film an event (say a wrestling tournament) and copy it to a disc. Can I then add additional footage to the same disc (after the previously copied footage) or do I have to use a separate disc?

Would I use a +RW/-RW? I don’t want any of the footage to be erased or copied over and would like the discs preserved for the future so does anyone have any suggestions as to a certain high quality brand?

As you can tell, I’m clueless as to how the discs work so any info. you can offer is appreciated.

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You questions cover too much ground for an overall answer IMO. You’ll need to be more specific, and use the relevant sub-forums. If I were you, I’d buy the camcorder first, THEN depending on the medium it records to, look for alternatives to transfer and store the data.

Just a couple of considerations:

  • DVD+/-RW is not trustable for long-term storage and should be used only for temporary purposes
  • For secure long-term storage, Verbatim-branded discs are an excellent choice. But as a routine, you should always make two copies of anything important.

Good luck :slight_smile:

The only “format” that is capable of doing what you are proposing is DVD±VR, and this is quite troublesome. DVD-Recorders (or drives, with software assitance) are able to record and play back this format, or a player that explicitly supports DVD±VR discs, although compatibility with some standalones are not ensured. For more info, you could check out Wikipedia’s entry on DVD±VR or search Videohelp for DVD±VR.

For best results and compatibility, you are better off authoring a DVD-Video for each event that you are going to record. Although flexibility is lost you are guaranteed security in the fact that you will never overwrite a previous event and that DVD±R discs are more stable over time than DVD±RW.

FYI, a single-layer DVD (DVD5) can hold up to 2 hours of video in optimal encoding quality - which, in my opinion, is just enough for live events and such. Buying discs in bulk is pretty cheap nowadays, and getting a trusted brand as Wizzu has suggested will be well worth it.