Copying Call of Duty with LG GSA-4120B

I have tried to back up my Call of Duty, but it just doesn’t seem to work. When I enter CD and press play a pop-up opens and says: Cannot locate the CD-ROM Please eject and re-insert the CD-ROM, select OK and restart application. I haven’t had these kind of problems before, exept the time I tried to backup NFSU. I tried with the newest alcohol and the newest cloneCD. What are the settings, so that I am able to copy SafeDisk 3?
Please help.

iI forgot to mention this: I have also tried with my LITE_ON LTR-16102B, witch has also been working fine before

I di it!
Finally, I managed sussexfully backup Call of Duty. I did it with Blindwrite 5. And automatic settings and with LG GSA-4120B DVD RW writer

Hi, I’m new to the forum but I have learned quite a bit reading it. I have copied CoD Game of the year edition with my LG GSA-4160B Combo CD-DVD writer.
I used Blindread/Blindwrite 5.x, don’t have it now so I can’t give more details. So, I made an image with BR/BW5, then I burned it at slow speed using automatic settings. The CD works fine in my CD-DVD writer (LG GSA-4160B) but I tried to read it in my ASUS 50x CD-ROM and it wouldn’t do it. I see the menu, click on Single Player, it shows a CALL of DUTY title window and stays there until I eject the CD. So, only read it in the CD-DVD writer.

I also tried to do an image with Alcohol 120%. I did an ISO image using SafeDisc 2/3 settings. Then I burned the image on a CD-R with the same drive as above. Same result, wouldn’t read it on my CD-ROM drive but it would do it on the combo drive. Although it took a litle longer for it to read it and start the game after I had chose single player at the CALL of DUTY title screen (same as above), it was ok. So in my opinion, Blindread/Blindwrite will do it better than Alcohol 120% even if I like the Alcohol 120% interface much more than BR/BW.

My 2 cents. Hope it helps. I had thought of writing this cuz many new users don’t really know the difference between a Plextor or Lite-On drive and a cheap LG one. So even with a cheap one, you can manage to create backups of your games. :iagree: