Copying C PARTITION to G

Ok here is my little problem. Drive is partitioned into a few sections: XP HOME ©, XP HOME 2 (G), BACKUP/DATA/TEMP (M). Windows is installed on drive ©, of course. I want Drive (G) to be a backup of Drive ©. I have PartitionMagic 8, but when I copy the © partition to (G) and boot to (G), (G) references the files on ©. For example, my start menu shortcuts on (G) point to files on drive ©. I know that when you copy a partition you normally copy it to another Hard Drive, giving the newly copied partition the same drive letter that it originally had. I just want to have the same partition exist on my hard drive twice so that I can use my backup partition to boot from in case I screw something up on the original windows partition. Is there ANY way to accomplish this?

I think you want to use Acronis True Image.
There´s a free v7.0 available (I´ll try to find the link)

Free Acronis True Image v7.0 but if it doesn´t work you should get v10 (not cheap) but it´s brilliant, really!
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lol…I already have acronis true image version 9, it’s what I have been using. Same problem with that though, when I copy the backed-up partition to Drive (G) shortcuts point to ©, and weird things happen because (G) references files on ©…Like all items are always showing in my system tray when I log onto the (G) partition. And I also get a strange message when I log onto (G) partition…something like “Generic host process for win32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close”. And my taskbar where the windows minimize changes colors often. And programs crash and randomly open at random times. All because © was copied to (G), a different drive letter.

Well LoveWinXP, the problem is, there are many references that would have to be changed… dont know if there is any application out there that can actually go and change all references in your backup partition, but I doubt there is one.
Usually references come in three flavours

[/li][li]Plain Text Files (in the form of .ini’s)

In the first case, you would need some registry manager (or regedit) to change all references from C: to G:, which might be a cumbersome process…
In the second case, you’d need some kind of plain text parser (actually it would be trivial to write one that recursively checks a given path, but the problem is, what files to change??? - i.e there could be a .txt file with the string “C:” on it, but it might be just a note you took, or part of a instant messenger system logged conversation, whatever…).
In the third case, you’d need to go over each shortcut changing references from C: to G:, or a tool that would that automatically…

So, I doubt there is an application out there that could perform the three aforementioned operations (It would be great to be wrong though).

Maybe what you could do is in case things get nasty, change from outside windows (aka a boot CD or floppy) C: to Z: then G: to C:???

Sorry, i have no solution to your specific problem, but like Deanimator also suggested previously, then i really don’t understand why you not just use ATI to make a backup of your C:\ drive, and then if you also make an ATI bootable rescue disc, then if you would ever have problems with your C:\ drive and can’t boot into it, then you can just load your ATI bootable rescue disc, and from that, you simply restore your C:\ partition back to a healthy state. This is the way nearly everyone backs up their systems, as what you are suggesting is way to cumbersome. Again sorry for not answering your question, but i would really recommend that you give my propposal(well, actually Deanimator’s propposal ;)) another thought…

If you want your Second (spare) partition to be bootable you must:
a) Ensure that it is a primary partition, and not a logical drive in a secondary partition.

Use acronis true image (as suggested above) to copy your windows to backup, then restore the backup to your G drive (spare partition).

Before you can boot from this partition, you must ACTIVATE the backup partition using a partition manager.
Activating a partition does not change the contents of the partition/files/etc.
You will need a bootdisk of some flavour which has a partitioning tool included. There are lots around :wink:

WindowsXP allocates drive letter C to the active partition when it is booting, so if the backup partition is the active partition, it automatically becomes drive letter C.

An easier way to do what you are doing is to buy a second HD (they aren’t expensive) and copy/restore your windows to the primary partition on the spare HD & set the primary partition as active partition permanently, and then from then on change the first boot device in bios when booting. Much easier than screwing around with partition managers on your only HD.

Oh well, never really had much hope in it anyway. Just was curious about all this partitioning stuff, just heard about it a few days ago. I don’t plan to edit all the shortcuts, registry entries and everything on my (G) drive…too much work. I still find this topic fascinating though. If somebody finds that magical program (that probably doesn’t exist) to change drive letter references that’d be wonderful. Oh and something else. If I hide partition © from partition (G) and hide partition (G) from partition ©, and I boot windows on partition (G), would (G) change to © because © is hidden? Would that fix the file-referencing problem? I’ve’nt (triple contraction hehe) hidden a partition before so I dont know how all that works yet.

Dude … activating a different partition takes about 30 seconds - Boot, fire up partitioner - reboot.
Problem solved. No messing with registry entries … no messing with shortcuts.

You’ve already copied everything across to the spare partition - the hard work is already done!