Copying (burning) speed for SVCD's

An idle thought occurred to me the other day. It has been stated in this forum that MPEG-2/Bin-cue files (created by DVD2svcd), should ideally be burned at 8x -12x, the reason apparently being that a “slower burn” appears to be easier for stand-alone DVD players to read. (I’m currently burning at 12x as it seems to suit the media I’m using better - I was getting some pixelisation, if that’s the correct word, on the first few seconds of the first disc at 8x, doesn’t seem to occur as much at 12x).

Anyhow, if one then wishes to make a copy of the SVCD disc thus created should that, therefore, also be burnt at 12x?

Just wondering…

Playback pixelization will occur differently on every DVD Player, from every burner and from different burn speeds. On my LiteOn 40x I can burn a SVCD at 8x, 12x, 16x or 20x without my DVD Player (Hiteker [Apex] AD600) showing any problems at all, but my mate borrows my stuff sometimes and if I burn at 20x he has problems. So I limit all burns to 16x.

The burning “rules” apply regardless if your burning an original or backing up a cdr.