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I hear rumors that DVD-roms can be kinda copied and put on harddisk. Are there yet DVD burners available?

What’s the best DVD player in your opinion and where can I find 'em ?

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There’s only a few DVD Burners they are both from Pionneer if I am right.

Here’s the specific address:

Here’s the main address:

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Already exist DVD burners (Not DVD-Ram, but real DVD burners!), but they’re quite expensive and hard to find… anyway, if you wanna make “backup” copies of “your” DVDs, it’s not useful making them with a DVD burner, as a TDK empty DVD costs about 65 € (about 70 $) and with this money you can simply buy an original DVD (it’s even less the cost of the original ones)…

///Remember also that like for CDs, these DVDs are in DVD-R standard, and different from the known DVD standard, even if they can easily been read by every DVD reader.

Everybody hopes for the possibility to burn DVDs, but until DVD-Recorders will be available, we won’t be able to make backup copies: we can do them just with DVD-Ram recorders, available from Pioneer, Panasonic, Hitachi and another manufacturer too (I’m sorry but I can’t remember its name now).

There’s another problem too: still there isn’t a definitive standard for DVD: there’s DVD-R, DVD-Ram (from Pioneer, Panasonic, etc), DVD-RW (from Sony, Philips and others) and even more standards, but noone can be defined the “true” one… I do think that we have to wait at least 1/2 years for being able to buy a DVD Recorder.

Anyway, if you already have a DVD-Ram recorder, I can email you the keys to decrypt DVD Movies (they are encrypted and can’t be backupped) and burn them.

I suppose you could split the movies on more than one CD or compress them untill you take a 650Mb Lower-Quality movie…

Bye and thank you to CD-Freaks Crew for everything they’re doing.

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Uh… I forgot:

the best DVD reader actually is Pioneer’s 10x/40x one…

if you need a SCSI reader the only one is Pioneer’s 6x/32x, but in a short time will be available their 10x/40x SCSI ok?

Sony also promised to produce soon a DVD SCSI reader, but I don’t know when precisely

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What I believe you are speaking of is a program called DECSS. This is the handy little program that has caused quite a stir in the Motion Picture industry as it allows you to bypass all protection of DVDs and copy an image of the .vgob files to your hard drive where you can in fact run it from without the DVd itself. The problem is if you want to try and reburn these to a blank as the $$$$ for a blank DVD are often more expensive than just buying the original andf the .vob files are too big for a cd.

STILL…a neat program to temporarily store and watch yer fav DVD from your little puter…

The file is hard to find now as there are alot of lawsuits going on but a good dvd/vcd site will have links for it somewhere.


I would not buy a DVD writer yet,
the price for an empty DVD disc is to high and the DVD standard is still not set for PC…


Lorenzo< actually the best DVD-reader is the Toshiba 8x40x because it can read errors and is also very good in reading protected cd’s, ther’s also a scsi version, the 5x32x


Well, I didn’t know about the SCSI version of the Toshiba DVD reader, but anyway I still think that the pioneer is the best one for speed (in both SCSI: 6x vs Toshiba’s 5x or for ATAPI/IDE: 10x vs 8x). Even if maybe the best one for reading errors is the toshiba, now we can read damaged CDs/DVDs using utilities like BlindRead, and we could do it with a 10x Pioneer in less time than with a Toshiba 8x, even if it can better read errors…

I also know that about the reading speed a 40x Pioneer sometimes is better than a 50x Asus (have a look on Hardware Upgrade, an italian language site, but you could just look at the benchmarks’ pictures.


About decrypting DVDs, I’ve already got that program but haven’t made available on the net yet… if anyone wants, can email me and I’ll send it.

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Hi !
There’s a site you think see, and go to the rippers section, they will redirect you to a place which does have everything !

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The cheapest dvd-burner is the Toshiba 2x24x
Here in Belgium it costs 15475Bfr(about 775Gulden)
And a blanc dvdr costs 1000Bfr(50gulden)
THe writing speed is 726kb/sec.

The expensives ones are the pioneer5000Bfr(1750gulden), the Hitachi:? and the Asus:?


Thanks for all the info palls!

this really helps!

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