Copying blu ray movies



Is there a free way to rip bu ray and burn the blu ray to an ordinary DVD for backup?


There are a couple of different ways to rip Blu ray movies for free. The free section of DVDFab, called DVDFab HD Decrypter, can rip the entire movie to the hard drive for you. It will continue to function even after the trial for the main part of DVDFab expires, but will lag behind the commercial version by 6 to 8 weeks on decryption updates. New encryption, especially BD+, appear all the time for Blu ray, so keeping updated is rather important.

DVDFab also has a program that works in the background to remove encryption, rather like AnyDVD HD. It can remove encryption on Blu ray or dvd movies, and while the program is still in beta, it is free to use. It is called DVDFab Passkey.

The third free option is to use MakeMKV. It rips the movie to .mkv format as it removes encryption. You can put the ripped movie back into Blu ray format by using tsMuxeR afterwards. I don’t know how often MakeMKV is updated to deal with new protection though.

Once you have them on the hard drive (in Blu ray format), getting them to fit onto regular dvds requires quite a lot of compression. There is a free program called BD Rebuilder which can reduce the size to fit either a single or double layer dvd. The video will still be in Blu ray format, and will require either a stand-alone blu ray player, or appropriate software on a computer. There is a guide for using it here:


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Thanks for your help and sorry wrong forum. Yes move it please although there is quite a lot of info above:)I did not make myself very clear, meant to ask if the copy could be played on an ordinary dvd player but you have told me it it wil still be in blu ray format. Can it be converted?


Yes, it can be converted after you decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive. It is [B]not[/B] always simple. You will lose extras and menus doing this.

[U]Sometimes [/U]you can do the whole process with AVStoDVD, a free conversion program. Import the main movie m2ts file into AVStoDVD, set it to use a 2 pass encode with the HC encoder and set output for a DVD-9 (double layer dvd). Burn to a Verbatim brand DL disk.

There are a few problems that will happen when you do enough of these. For example, some blu ray movies have the main movie split between several m2ts files. You have to join them beforehand. Also, many HD audio streams tend to crash AVStoDVD…I’ve found that DTS-HD MA audio in particular is a problem, and it is getting to be fairly common in blu ray movies.

So, how do you deal with these? I use a gui for EAC3to called Clown BD to get a unified .m2ts file. I also use it to extract the audio and give me an AC3 audio file that complies to dvd standards (448kbps or less at 48kHz). To re-encode the video to the correct resolution and bitrate, I use an Avisynth script and the HC encoder, which will give me an mpeg2 video stream that is also dvd-video compliant.

At this point you have separate video and audio streams. You import these to a dvd authoring tool and produce a finished dvd, ready to burn. GUIforDVDAuthor, DVDStyler and DVDAuthorGUI are some free authoring tools. (I use a commercial product called DVDLab Pro)

Some tools you might need: Avisynth
Avsp (to create a basic Avisynth script)
Authoring tool of your choice

Bring the main m2ts file into Avsp to create the script. Add a line that looks like this if you are making an NTSC compliant resolution: Spline16Resize(720, 480)
You could also use Lanczos4Resize(720, 480) instead, just depends on which resize filter you want to use.
Save the script in Avsp and use it as the input file when you start up HCgui. Oh yes, there is a button in HCgui that says make dvd compliant…click on it just to make sure your video output is going to work in a dvd authoring program.