Copying big ps2 games

i tried copying god of war and midnight club 3 remix with nero and sonic recordnow programs and they both tell me that i can’t burn them even thoguht i have 8.5gb Double layer dvd+r disks. since they are both bout 6GBs. tehy both go through the process of creating an image to burn the game but in the end it doesnt work at all. Sonic RecordNow says i need to stick in a DVD9? and nero just spits my black double layer back out.what do i need to do?

There’s currently no way to burn DL PS2 games because the second layer is burned differently (or someting like that), your best hope is to find a DVD5 version and burn that.

You may also want to look at this site for more help. I think God of War can be copied but it involves a patch.