Copying BF1942

Hi, I am in need of some assistance with burning, BF1942 (as the title suggests :))

Basically I would like to know how to defeat its protection and produce a workign copy using alcohol 120, clonecd, or any other software.

I am using an LG CD-RW CED-8120B. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, I will abide by the rules from now on

Ok, seeing as I didn’t get a chance to see his links, I suppose I should update whoever views this on what I am attempting to do.

First, I tried creating an image of the game on my hard drive, then burning it to a disk, this hasn’t worked. =/

If anyone else can come up with some ideas that would be great =)

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Read this, then look here (it’s SecuROM 4.8x) and follow the guide here

Thanks for the welcome, however, I have a question. Battlefield, on his site anyway, was said to be safedisc 2, but you said it was securcom? Did they somehow change from safedisc to securcom in a patch?

Forgot to mention im in US

Brainsnap - doh! SafeDisc 2.60.052; the 1.2 patch takes it to 2.80.010

Heh thats ok, get those too =), so does your discjuggler guide still apply to that form of protection? Or were you pointing to another?

Blindwrite will produce a working backup as will Alcohol 120% and CloneCD + twinpeak for SecuROM. They will, as will DJ, also produce a SD2 backup. I had philamber’s guide in mind for SecuROM 4.8x

DJ requires a writer capable of correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns or two-sheep in the vernacular (LITEON, LG, ASUS etc)

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Im currently having problems with backing this up using bw5…dont know why but im having problems with bw5 and older safedisk 2 titles (ie pre 2.8). alc120 and get this bw 4.5.7 copies this no problem go figure.

James: what settings do you have in alcohol to get it to burn correctly?

I just use the safedisk2 one…ouch not a LG i have one of those in my laptop it wont backup any safedisk titles…:eek: ]

lg is really a goldstar drive…i have a lg gcc-420N i hate it…i bought a external asus drive just so i dont have to use it…lol!

even with emulation i cant get my laptop rw drive to backup safedisk…


Originally posted by dsheller

never mind minds a hg not a lg…so you may be ok i dont know about your drive.

Agh, seen so many guides on how to do this and cant get a single one to work, can anyone rescue me!


If you’re going to use Alcohol, stick to this thread please where more of the beta testers and subject matter experts are likely to read your issue.

When I said that the CED models are shockers, I didn’t make that up. This model doesn’t work well at all. In complete contrast, the GCE models are SD killers. You only have to search the site for CED + FutureProof to get the picture. In all probability you need another drive.

Hmm… lemme go check the model of a yamaha I have on another computer =)


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