Copying bad blocks



I recently gave a look to safedisc protected cds… and looked they had MANY bad blocks. But the problem is that using cdrwin 3.7E I failed to write bad blocks on the copy. I tried reading 1x, RAW AND NON-RAW reading, ignoring read errors, then burning 1x, but all bad blocks were replaced by 00 on the copy so they could be read normaly with cdrwin. The game created like that needed the safedisc patch from laxity. I read that it was possible to make copies that don’t need the crack with my burner, the teac cdr55s. As I succeded in copying bad blocks on psx cds, i was wondering why i couldn’t do the same with pc cds. Some people told me that non raw sectors couldn’t be burn as bad blocks with the teac cdr55s. So what’s the truth ??


You can try to copy the hole cd to your HD with blindread and then burn it.



u could try using Duplicator
i made an image of Tiberian Sun and burned it
and i don’t have to use a crack of any kind…



I don’t think duplicator is a good idea because it only works with ide drives not with a scsi teac 55s and it only copies the first track of a cd.
try disc juggler with the settings like on the page of