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I hope this is in the right place. I have a music DVD and wanted to get some tracks off it to put onto a CD but I have no idea how to do it. I can rip and burn DVDs using DVD Decryter, DVD Shrink and Roxio but I only even know the basics of doing that. If anyone can give me any advice or point me in the right direction of how to do this I’d be really grateful.



Sorry I know this is in the wrong place. I had two windows open at the same time and posted this in the wrong one. I meant to put it in the audio forum. Apologies. Feel free to move it.



Use commercial software called DVD Audio Extractor. It saves any audio tracks from the DVD (either the whole track or just certain chapters) to MP3/WAV/OGG format.

A free way is to use Shrink in re-author mode to save just what you want. Then open the VOB file in Belight. It needs Besweet audio encoder to convert to MP3 or whatever format you want.


Thanks for that. Downloaded the trial version of Audio Extractor and used that with no problems.
Thanks again



Glad it works. It is a excellent bit of software. I use it to convert DVD commentaries to MP3 to listen in the car. It’s worth the £12.50 I paid.


Can You Please Tell Me Where Do I Get This Audio Extractor For Win. Xp Pro. Is It A Downloadable Softwareand If Yes Inwhich Site?

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