Copying audio to CD - which freeware is best?

A newbie question from a not-very-techie music enthusiast. My computer runs Windows XP. I want to copy tracks from my music CDs to make compilation CDs to play in the car. I’m getting an in-car player which claims to play CDs which have normal (.wav) recordings, or .mp3 tracks. The player also has an SD card slot.

For in-car use I’m tempted to put tracks on to CD as mp3s, since a single CD will thus contain a lot more music.

My question: what is the best, and most user-friendly (=least complicated) freeware to rip, convert and burn audio tracks as mp3s on to a CD-R for use in-car? I have a Sonic program, and Windows Media Player, supplied on my computer, but I have doubts about using them…

After browsing the forum and some websites, I’m wondering whether I should use one of these free programs:

  • Exact Audio Copy
  • CDEx
  • AudioGrabber
    (each of which apparently also needs the LAME codec).

Any comments or advice on the good or bad points of these or other programs?


ExactAudioCopy is very good

theres also



for creating mp3-CDs for your car stereo, I would recommend CDex, this is the most easy to use one, at least for me.
To burn the CD, just use any software that supports creating data CD. If you don’t have a copy of Nero, try Imgburn or “CDBurner XP”.



I use iTunes…


CDex is my favourite. :slight_smile:

As I duck for cover for admitting this, I use Media Player - version 9 with Nero Fast Burn plugin. The Fast Burn plugin gets rid of the two second gap between tracks and I’ve never had a problem with it at all (apart from the once I forgot to actually use the plugin!!). I also use CD-RWs so that when I get fed up of a compilation, I just redo another one.

EAC all the way…