Copying audio files from hd with nero

Im trying to copy audio files from my hard drive I have copied from cd’s. I get an error message that Nero cant recognize the file. I am new at this so any help is greatly app! Using Nero 5.5 Express, and a lite-on 52327s. thanks…

Hi jonkmc1 :slight_smile:

Whats the audio file type? I mean are they wavs or mp3s or what? Check the file extension.

sorry i forgot to mention, they are .cda files.

.cda is a placemarker Windows uses for tracks on an audio CD. They’re not actually the tracks on the CD (look at the file sizes!).

Any software capable of ripping an audio CD track will allow you to copy the data wherever you choose. If you’ve somehow managed to copy .cda files to your hard disk, then you haven’t actually got the tracks on your hard disk, just some small chunks of useless data.