Copying audio file only from DVD?

Hi guys,
I’m interested in knowing if anyone knows how to copy only Audio from DVD’s and then burn the audio onto dvd or cd.

I have a huge collection of live concerts dvd’s and would like to make copies of the audio on these dvds so i can listen in my car or in the shower :slight_smile:

I now use Nero recode 2 for all my dvd back ups but i dont know how to copy just the audio if it is possible?


There’s shareware that will do that. I have used it several times and it works great.

You can get the program here:

Does anyone know of any other software cabable of ripping audio only…

I can’t stand any ImTOO products… My preferred method is to use the excellent guide to this from the Audio Guides section of the forum which uses DVD Decrypter and Nero.