Copying audio cd's -> tracks: Ok, Sound: not OK



I’ve got the following problem:
When I try to copy, err… back up an audio CD, I tried to use my cd-rom drive as a reader and my writer to write (obviously…) but it didn’t work as it should. The backup up plays (right number of tracks, lenght and everything) but there’s no sound. Only silence…

I guess it has to do with cables going from the drives to my sound card; cables which are probably needed for both drives. But I don’t have two cables and I know it must be possible to copy audio cd’s directly from the reader to the writer.

Any ideas?

You would really help me cause now first i have to make an image file with the writer, and then burn the cd.


so you want to play your audio cd’s on your computer ?

make sure that you connected the cable from your soundcard to your cdrom

check in your speaker settings that the audio cd is pulled up to the top becuz you won’t hear anything


The problem lies somewhere else.
I know how to play an audio cd on my computer, but the problem is that with the setup I described I get CD’s without sound.
When I play 'em on a hifi cd-player, they don’t give a sound either.

I just want to make a simultaneous copy: the CD-RW drive writes the CD while my cd-rom drive reads it.
Which, as described above doesn’t seem to work. The writer seems to ‘forget’ the sound.


It doesn’t have anything to do with audiocables; the cables that are used to connect CD-ROM to soundboard are not used to read the music.
It seems to me that you are using an illegal version of a burnprogram. The Program seems to work ok, but it detects illegal or hacked serialnumbers and produces worthless cd’s, in your case, cd’s with no sound.
Could you give some more details about your writer , burnprog,…?
It seems rather strange though, that you can succesfully write cd’s using an image-file… Cuz I would think that the hacked burnprog would make worthless cd’s from the image-file as well.


the cdr drive is a Plextor PX8432T
the cdrom drive is a LITEON 32x
the program i use is WINONCD and come with the burner.

nothing illegal there i guess

just to be clear about things, here’s the problem again in a few words:

source= audio cd in liteon drive
dest=empty cdr in px8432T
prog= winoncd
direct copy (i.e. without image file) -> problemo!
result= cdr wich shows right number of tracks and tracklength but without sound, just as if the volume is turned down to zero level. But even on a hifi system there’s really no sound…