Copying Audio CDs to both HD and disks quickly?

I want to copy all my music CDs — about 600 — to track-by-track WAV files on HD, with freedB info in the filenames; and just to be safe, make backup disk copies. Is there any software that will do this easily without reading the original twice? This would seem to have the capacity to speed up the process by a month or so.

THANKS for your help, one and all.

You could use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) freeware to “Copy Image and Create CUE sheet”. EAC can access freedb. Then use either Burrrn or EAC to burn to disc with CD Text using the .cue files on the hard drive. The images on the hard drive can be played with a program that will play .cue files (Foobar is one).

Thanks, that’s one idea, but it doesn’t seem to do what I wanted — make track-by-track files. Any other suggestions?

With EAC, “Copy Selected Tracks/Uncompressed”.