Copying audio CD to HD


I am trying to copy an audio CD to my HD and can’t manage to do it without the files being compressed. How can I copy the files in their original size + format?

Thank you for your help.


Do you perhaps have an EMI cd?

Which Audio Cd do you have (Artist/title)?

The CD is actually produced by myself !! so not EMI.

hey jsaulg obv. u want to preserve the .wav format of the tracks u got right? then u should either use music match whtever version and rip them off as .wav’s change this from the settings otherwise it will take them as .mp3 and they are a whole loads of other ones i could give ya but this is the most feasible and user friendly one for ya!

Oke, you can copy your CD to harddisk with Windows Media Player.

Insert the CD into your drive (duh) :slight_smile: and use “Copy from CD” see the tab on the left.

The picture shows another function, but this way you can see where the tab is. :bigsmile:

The files will be stored as .wma files into the folder “My Music”


Hi Julien and welcome to CDF !

Here we go : get [COLOR=RoyalBlue]EAC > Action > Copy Selected Tracks > Uncompressed

Voila ! [/COLOR] :wink:

Eeeeewwww. Wma is a terrible format. I go with BoSkin and go with EAC. As for the quality, .wav is (i think) a bit for bit copy, so it’s the highest quality you’re gonna get. Although beware, you may get massive file sizes (40mb+ for example).

Or also… press the WAV button (but I still do as BoSkin says, old habits… :wink: )



Right. Or press the WAV button.

Thx, ET! Young habits die easily, lol. :bigsmile:

or you could use the windows media player 9/10 “lossless” wma setting.


Cheers, :slight_smile:

BTW, I love your typographic style!