Copying audio cd that contains data using nero



i am a newbie and i have to admit that i am slighty confused. I have an Audio CD that i want to copy that contains data too except the audio tracks.The problem is…how do i copy it using Nero?I understand that i have to choose “Mixed Mode Cd”.Then i copy the wav files i have extracted and and also copy the data from the cd.Let’s say that the audio cd has 13 tracks and the 14th is the data.The problem is that my new copied cd will have the audio tracks from number2 and no1 will be the data file. And how exactly do i copy the data track?Gawd, i am sure nobody will be able to understand what on earth i am saying but i need help!!

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i understand what you are saying, but i have a question for you: what model drive do you have? it may be possible to use clonecd, so that the copy has the same order as the original.

you can do a mixed-mode disc with nero, although track 1 will be data, and tracks 2-XX will be audio. that’s a pain in the ass. if you don’t need the data part, just rip the audio tracks with audiograbber, then burn it as a regular audio cd.

or, like i said before, check to see if clonecd will work with your burner, and then use that instead. you can check to see if it will work at this site:



Get your self a [free] copy of win on cd 3.6 or 7
and that will do the job perfect.

no strings attached.



Or burn it just like an AudioCd but don’t finalize it. after this you can start a cd rom and burn the data to this disk. You will get a message that says this is an illegal format but there are no problems. (This kind of format is also as CD Extra)
Now you havea audio cd with a (for normal cd players) invisible track. A cdrom player is able to read this track

Pyro them


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